Enough with the Marketing Speak, What's the Deal?

Why should I do this?

CredHive is the place where you should be managing your career in real time instead of managing your resume when you're mad at your boss. Here in the Hive, you can store all your favorite projects privately, or you can braodbast those samples when you want to find a new job. We want you to be discovered for what you did not how well you write a resume or build your network. It should be about what you know, not who you know. We've even got some Hivers who've used their profile in their annual review. The whole idea is to give you a place to manage your career so you can have a little more control.

What kind of work should I save here?

We came up with this idea for a few reasons. First, we got sick and tired of leaving amazing work behind at companies who will never look at that work again. We have far too many times said to ourselves, "Oh, I wish I had that media plan, or response model, or strategy! But it's gone." CredHive wants to be that place where you store THAT work. The stuff you don't want to lose or not be able to reference in a pinch. You know the work you want to share as an example of what you can do for a new company. So, we advise that you have a few key deliverables a year that you can point to and say, "This is who I am. What I can do. And most importantly, what I might be able to do for you." Second, we created CredHive because we know that resumes are antiquated and should be shelved. People should be noticed for their work, not a bulleted list of "accomplishments." We wanted to give great people a place to get noticed. But, we wanted to focus on the work...not the "network" (wink). We think that too many people are overlooked because they don't have the right GPA or college or brand on their profile. We like to say this: What do Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have in common? None of them would have been hired based on their resume. They are uber-successful because it was about the work and the deliverables.

What about privacy and protected work?

When you save work in the Hive, you can designate it as "NDA protected" and it will never show up. Ever. In addition, we understand that searching for a new gig, even with an obscured identity, has its challenges; that's why we have built-in controls so your current employer will not see your Creds. Pretty sneaky, sis! Finally, because we were inspired by Project VRM, your data is your data. We will never sell it because we can't; it simply isn't ours to sell. It's yours. If you ever want to take your ball and go home, package up your Creds and go. We'll miss you. Last, but not least, we think it's time to be different. We vet all employers. We work tirelessly to get the best employers with great jobs for you. So, there's that.

What's the deal with the Antenna?

We believe in the principles of "intentcasting." If this is a foreign concept to you, you aren't alone. It is one of the things that makes CredHive so unique. The antenna is how you broadcast your intent to explore new opportunities. By raising your antenna, the work you have not protected with an NDA designation will be searchable by employers. But, because you are intentcasting, your identity is obscured. Meaning employers only see the work you are intentcasting, and not your name, contact information, email, phone, etc. Just the work. We think this is a first step in creating a more level playing field in the currently unbalanced candidate/recruiter relationship. Once you start getting nibbles from recruiters in your inbox, you can decide based on the role, company and location if you want to share your contact information. If you don't want to share, the antenna has a few questions for you so that it can learn about your preferences on the fly. This will focus your intentcasting to roles, locations and companies that are more aligned with your goals. The net here: less recruiter spam for roles you don't want.

How much space do I get for free?

We are offering 250 MB for free. We're thinking this is about right, a few Creds a year for 10 years and poof, 250MB. If you need more, we will eventually allow you to purchase more space. We just aren't there quite yet. It is a beta after all.

How do I make a Cred?

Most of the Creds are just screenshots of the work you've uploaded. A good Cred should tell a story visually. If you need a little inspiration, check out our Gallery.

What are the Terms & Conditions?

Traditional Terms and Conditions suck, and we want to create a platform where we can trust each other. Basically, we promise not to be a-holes, if you do the same. So, don't post work that isn't yours and we promise not to sell your data. That's about it. So, here's to not being a-holes.

How will you make money?

Recruiters will subscribe to search the Hive because the best talent will use this platform to save their best work. And we will make a few dollars from our talent who wish to use more than 250 MB of space. And since we believe this is the right way to work, you won't ever see ads on CredHive, nor job postings. Blech! Since you have made it all the way to the end of the FAQ, confession time: We secretly hope to put an end to job postings and recruitment ads in general. They suck. In fact, the only people who like job ads are people who make money from them. And since we make money from hosting Creds from amazingly talented people, we think our way is better.


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