About the Hive

What we believe in. And you should too.

We launched in January 2014 because we know the resume (shudder) is an antiquated document. Today, it is one size fits none. Talent hates writing them and employers hate reviewing them. The resume doesn't reflect the real work or an innate ability to do a job. So we created CredHive, a candidate-driven and controlled, private collection of work experiences curated in real-time. Our tool collects presentations, wireframes, articles, roadmaps, project plans, documents, websites, thought leadership pieces all curated by the candidate as they wish and locked down in their own private cloud-based drive.

Talent owns their data and their profile and only when they are seeking a position, can they be seen. They can do this by what we call, "Raising their antenna." When they do this, their work is anonymously broadcast to recruiters who subscribe. This isn't a social network. It is designed to help talent better manage their careers and take a more active role in the recruiting process.

Because when you see something is broken, you fix it. And sometimes the fix requires smashing things up. We're smashing up the resume. Because we are so much more than that old broken down document.


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